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Lovers of progress, haters of red tape, champions of can-do: we exist to make life easy for hotel owners, by providing hotel and hospitality management services that are as progressive as they are.

The dilemma that every owner faces is how best to run your operation? You can do it yourself, but it’s one of the hardest jobs around – a world of detail and perfection that’s time consuming, and not for the fainthearted. Alternatively, you can entrust your hotel to a management company and risk watching your vision become diluted as you find yourself having to fit in with a working style that doesn’t fit with yours.

As owners and managers of hotels ourselves, we understand this dilemma and, more importantly, how to solve it. By working more closely with owners and equipping them with tools that give them more control on a real time basis, we’re able to bring owners much closer to the management of their businesses without having to do the managing.

Owners are dynamic business people and the secret to the transferal of trust to a good manager is in the knowledge that they too are as dynamic and progressive in every aspect of their organisational style. Some might call that being on the front foot.

About Us

We believe in meeting every situation head-on with passion and positivity.

Taken from the world of cricket, getting on the front foot is a situation where the batsman moves forward to face the ball in a decisive, assertive way. It’s something we’ve always done, from briefing our staff’s customer service style, to making courageous decisions quickly and effectively.

When we talk about front footed hospitality we expect hotel staff to get forward and proactively service their customers.

The receptionist who gets out from behind the desk, the waiter who seems to instinctively knows when you need a top up, the housekeeper that doubles up on coffee replenishments when they think you need a pick-me-up.

But it’s a philosophy that goes beyond the guest experience. To us front footedness governs every aspect of hotel management, from marketing assertiveness (if you want your guests to come to your hotel, you have to go out and get them), to financial savvy where we constantly flex and adjust hotel revenue models to maximise occupancy and margin.

Our Team

Our World Beaters!

Steve Grant

Steve heads up Front Foot with the same energy and enthusiasm that he expects of everyone he works with. For over 20 years he’s overseen new openings, managed multiple site offerings and developed resorts, and having led teams at home and abroad for Marriott, De Vere and Swallow hotels, Steve has a track record for going above and beyond on guest satisfaction and financial performance.

Steve Grant

Tamsin Holmar

The personification of Front Foot’s can-do mantra, Tamsin brings enthusiasm, passion and world class business knowledge to our sales promise. Having worked with and for some of the UK’s biggest brands, Tamsin is our secret weapon for ensuring faultless delivery on every aspect of a project.

Tamsin Holmar

Commercial Director
Cecelia Corry

Cecelia’s is a natural people person with sheer enthusiasm for the hotel Industry Her ‘can do’ attitude brings energy and positivity to whatever projects she and the team are working on. Her strong relationship building and networking skills have forged lasting friendships with clients and colleagues globally. Cecelia always gets to the ‘decision maker’s’ and is an expert at connecting people to people. Her drive and tenacity to drive revenue & increase profit for hotel owners is second to none. With over 25 years in the industry she has held senior sales roles at Multi Site Level with Global Brands such as Guoman & Thistle and Marriott Hotels.

Cecelia Corry

Director of Sales
Lorraine Dyer

With a mix of hotel and retail experience across both mass and niche brands, nobody better understands the importance of people in the delivery of world class guest experiences. Lorraine’s award-winning methods exemplify her passion to create teams that put hospitality on the front foot.

Lorraine Dyer

Human Resources Director
Sarah Williams

Sarah joins us with over 20 years experience working for hospitality brands, sites and places worldwide. Her attention to detail and considerable experience ensure our commitment to first-class service is consistently met. Having worked for both the Crowne Plaza and Disney World, Sarah’s hospitality royalty who brings a little bit of magic to Front Foot.

Sarah Williams

Director of Revenue

Design & Build

Our entrepreneurial approach to making money for our clients goes the same for the way we structure our management relationships.

From redefining an existing hotel through world class interior design, to advising and planning on new builds that take the breath away, our contacts in the world of interior design, engineering and architecture are unrivalled.

We can provide the heads, hearts and hands that will turn your vision into reality. We’ve helped clients reinvent old properties to maximum effect, while being at the forefront of some of the most exciting new projects around. We work with the best in the business to ensure that whatever your vision, from boutique to best-in-town, we provide the know-how and talent to deliver success.

Management Services


Having dealt with every brand of hotel management software, and having created a few of our own from scratch, no one knows better than us how to use technology to streamline a hotel’s operation. By linking all operational processes (reservations, marketing, HR, finance, stock management, scheduling), it’s our belief that the cross pollination of systems will improve performance across the board. Furthermore, with strong technology comes more accurate and timely management information, ensuing the owner has a much closer dashboard of day-to-day operations. Our relationships with technology providers have been developed over many years, enabling us to command better deals and more bespoke integration for our clients.

We believe that technology accelerates advantage.


Having the best guest experience in the world is one thing, but without world class marketing to match, your efforts may go unnoticed. Our belief in curating intimate partnership networks pays huge dividends when it comes to marketing our hotels. We’ve partnered with famous airlines such as Virgin Atlantic and Aer Lingus to drive their passengers to our hotels. We’ve used our relationships with hotel collections such as Mr & Mrs Smith to provide the international exposure which is the lifeblood for many independent hotels. We work tirelessly with local tourism authorities to create the through traffic that turns a hotel’s F&B offer into a profit centre, allowing it to work independently from the hotel’s levels of occupancy.

We believe your partners should be as entrepreneurial as you are.


Our approach to staff is simple – only settle for the very best. From the effervescent waitress that gave us extra chips to the bell hop that got a local store to open later for our visit, we’ve made it our business to keep track of hospitality’s hottest operators. Starting at the top, our repertoire of front footed GMs who are prepared to drop what they are doing and come and work with us, is testament to the power of our approach. With a weighty black book of talent and recruiting methods more akin to talent scouting than interviewing, we’re able to bring together entire teams of likeminded go getters quickly and carefully.

We believe that the best people make the best hotel experiences.

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